Laboratorios Prady Normapiel designs, manufactures, packages, distributes and markets perfumery, home fragrances and cosmetic products, 100% made in Spain.


A dream born from a passion.

Laboratorios Prady is the result of things made with love. It is a passion turned into a business adventure.

Our first fragrances were created by hand at the Cremades Pharmacy in Molina de Segura (Murcia).


The 40 square meters back-room of the pharmacy became too small thanks to the unexpected success of the first Prady perfumes that, every day, increased in demand all throughout SpainThus, in 1992, Juan Cremades decided to go one step further and created a project out of an illusion.


Since then and 30 years later, Laboratorios Prady has been dedicated to the formulation, manufacture, packaging, distribution and marketing of all types of fragrances. We are present in more than 20 countries. And we continue to grow.


We create a fragrance for each identity.

Perfume preserves the essence of specific individuals, objects and   places. From the moment we choose a perfume, it defines us and  represents us in the subconscious of others. Each fragrance has its own story.


Laboratorios Prady’s mission is to create and develop perfumery, air fresheners and cosmetic products for as many people as possible, adapting to each project, maintaining high quality standards and respecting the environment.


We are proud to have formulated thousands of fragrances and our dream continues as strong as when this venture begun. We are thrilled to belong to a sector in constant evolution, which allows us to closely follow all the advances that technology and research brings us every day.


Our Values

Our commitment to our clients is our most basic premise.

We are aware that each client that comes to us relies on us to satisfy their spectations and deserves our full commitment. For us it is a must to treat our clients and our products with the premises that defines us as a business. We consider an obligation to work from premises such as:



Enthusiasm in every action



We act with integrity



We care about what really matters



Combining experience and creativity