Developing a fragrance is an exciting job. From the selection of raw materials to the final product, we enjoy the process step by step. A perfume is much more than a complement. It is an identity. We create formulas with their own distinctive soul.

Air fresheners


The universe of perfumery has evolved very quickly, leaving room for it to become an undeniable trend.


With the setting we can travel; close your eyes, smell and imagine. We are motivated by the challenge of choosing a scent and capturing it, working on it and creating it so that it transforms any space into a place of memory.


Our range of air fresheners is very diverse: spray, mist, with sticks, with magic flowers of different sizes, for cars, for large spaces, for small businesses, in bulk. Our olfactory Marketing department will help you find the odotype that best suits your company.



As passionate as we are, we like to bring fragrances to your lives in every way imaginable. All our products bear the stamp of perfume.


Perfumery, air fresheners and cosmetics available to everyone.

High perfumery and air fresheners in bulk.

Fine perfumery, with a sober and elegant design, conceived to fit into any point of sale.

Our select range of perfumery, fragrance and cosmetics, specially formulated and designed for the pharmaceutical channel.

Home fragrances for your senses.