Our facilities are compound by 15,000 squared meters of the most advanced technology, with innovative machinery that leaves plenty of space for the artisanal work that defines quality perfumery. We have 5 perfumery lines, 4 air freshener lines and 1 cosmetic lines. Ten automatic lines including filling, capping, labelling, boxing and wrapping.




At Laboratorios Prady we are all aware that the most important resources are human. For this reason, we have a highly qualified team dedicated to their work, our professionals love what they do and their passion shows in their results.

Purchase management


We personally and meticulously select our more than a thousand raw materials to ensure their quality.

We try to achieve the balance that allows us to preserve the creativity of our formulations, respecting nature.

We start from a minimum of 80% ingredients of natural origin in our fragrances, of which the vast majority are vegan, we avoid all ingredients of animal origin.


Quality Systems


We have the ISO 9001 certification in Quality management, and the ISO 22716 certification in Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products.


However we do not limit ourselves to quality in our productions, but we demand the same certifications from all our suppliers in order to guarantee the high final quality of all our products.



We have a Laboratory entirely dedicated to the search and selection of the best raw materials, with a staff of researchers who carefully create individual formulas for all our products, and a production chain that works with experience, responsibility and dedication


New perfumery, air fresheners and cosmetic products are also developed in this department. Duration, stability, colour tests are carried out with each product and a global assessment is given.


The validation of raw materials is also a task of this department. We take a sample from each batch received and by means of gas chromatography and verify their spectra, control their status to ensure that the same components are always used and preserved under the same conditions

Marketing and Design


Perfumery is an indisputably aesthetic sector in which quality must always be accompanied by a correct presentation. It is essential to always provide the added value that of an image.


For this reason, we have a MARKETING department that focuses exclusively on product design. A team of professionals whose only concern is to ensure that your product is not only excellent, but also very visual.

Regulatory affairs


In an industry where regulations are constantly changing, it is essential to be up to date on all legislative aspects. For Laboratorios Prady it is not only important to have all our products perfectly registered, but also to offer effective advice to our clients based on the demands and legal procedures of each market. 


For this reason, we have our own Legal department, with which, in addition to ensuring correct compliance with regulations, we provide a professionalized service to our clients.



Sustainability has become a key factor internationally and plays a crucial role in evaluating all future investments according to ESG (environment, social and corporate governance) criteria. Laboratorios Prady wants to seize the opportunity of this global context to become an active subject of change. We want to be at the forefront to offer more sustainable products and promote circular practices.


We work every day to offer tailor-made and high-quality solutions to our clients. We partner with our suppliers to generate value throughout the supply chain and we want to participate in the fight against climate change.


In terms of waste, Prady Laboratories complies with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standards and is a company attached to Ecoembes, SGR and Green Point for Cardboard and Glass Recycling, for the processing and recycling of our waste.

In terms of energy, we use our own photovoltaic plant, located on the roof of our facilities, to produce clean energy. The objective is not only to avoid pollution, it is to improve the environment of our surroundings.