Perfumery and cosmetics is one of the industries that invests the most in the mass market sector.

Currently, different projects are emerging where biotechnology is present in many research from the field of fragrances, such as the production of fragrances using microorganisms, known as “Fragrant Bacteria”.
Innovation and trend towards nature, from natural ingredients and production processes… to containers and packaging.
Scent creators are increasingly aware of the need to walk towards environmental sustainability, conceiving smells as a praise of natural and human connections.

Some people say “perfumery is the great unfinished business where sustainability has not really found its place.” At Prady Laboratories we disagree and with Natur Botanic we want to demonstrate it in each of our creations

Perfumery and home fragrance market has been offering more conscious and cleaner alternatives, and therefore more respectful with the environment, for several years.
The main objective within this sector was to achieve pleasant and long-lasting fragrances and aromas. With the advance of innovation and new trends, we also include having a natural and sustainable production.
Faced with this new scenario, we are obliged to bringing light on certain concepts, and help increasingly conscious consumer know what they consume and environment effects.
We therefore start from the difference between what is natural and what is sustainable:
• Natural: It implies non-artificiality. For the formulation and elaboration process of a perfume to be considered natural, it must mainly include raw materials of natural origin.
• Sustainable: It implies the harmonization and integration of environmental, social and economic aspects. Therefore, from this perspective, sustainability would be any efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, including all the aspects of “natural” mentioned above.

The trend towards the natural is necessary, but we must not forget that for a production process to be natural, it does not necessarily have to be sustainable.
There are cases in which the use of certain natural aromas, such as “Musk”, quite common within the perfumery sector, is not allowed, since its consumption naturally decimated the musk deer population. In these situations, and to avoid a greater evil, synthetic aromas, that perfectly imitate the natural aroma, are used.
As we can see, there are particular cases in which natural is not sustainable, but the synthetic is.
The natural essences are the top notes for a creation, but synthetics provide the base notes, providing durability to the fragrance on the skin and intensifying the aromas.

Like everything in life, a balanced mix of natural and synthetic scents can lead to a sustainable production in its entirety, with a pleasant perfume and a scent that evolves and is maintained throughout the day.

At NaturBotanic we start with a minimum of 80% ingredients of natural origin in our fragrances, mixed with synthetic ingredients and we avoid all those ingredients that come from animal origin.

Respect and sustainability cultures are no easy tasks, from the search for suppliers aware of this reality, to the end of each creation, taking care of every detail.

However, there is no other possible way!

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