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Brands with the highest standards of demand in the quality of raw materials and product development, find in Laboratorios Prady their ideal partner because our service goes far beyond the supply of our product: we begin by internalizing the concept and objectives that the client wants to reach and from there we develop the product, the design and even the choice and purchase of materials.


If the customer does not have a concrete idea of what he wants, he can count on a team of experienced professionals who will guide them in their final decision, as well as throughout the manufacturing process. Thanks to the technology of our laboratory we are able to customize the characteristics of each product. From raw material to performance to aroma, the possibilities for customers are endless.



Everything starts with an idea.

Among all the sensory experiences, the olfactory ones are the sensations that generate the greatest intensity in the memory. For this reason, having your own aroma that reinforces the corporate image is becoming a greater need and a growing demand.


The basis of the project is focused on obtaining the necessary information to be able to nurture our team of knowledge and inspiration.

We maintain a dialogue with the client to know their tastes and needs, their values and commitments, their target, their brand image … Their objective.

Our team analyses and deepens into all that information to reflect your concept in detail.



Once the idea is grasped, our objective will be to materialize it in a quality product that reflects the essence of each client.

Achieving an exceptional design involves combining technology, creativity, feasibility and, above all, an excellent experience focused on the consumer and his needs.


At Laboratorios Prady we pay special attention to the selection of the essence (olfactory marketing) and the choice of packaging (product design).

When designing a new product, it is our moral obligation to contemplate 360º circular design strategies and sustainability to reduce the impact it may have on the planet.



Sustainable and quality production.

Our 30 years of experience provide us with technological and commercial knowledge.

We make our own fragrances from beginning to end. They are formulated in our laboratories, designed in our offices and produced and packaged in our facilities.


We have a development team made of highly qualified professionals, specialized in the perfumery sector. Allowing us to always be up to date with market trends.

Our commitment to quality means that we only collaborate with the best partners in the perfumery and air fresheners sector.


Our adaptability and flexibility means that we can develop products adapted to the quality, design and budget requirements of our customers. We work for large and prestigious brands, gradually becoming a benchmark in the manufacture of perfumes in Europe.

We currently have the ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 22716: 2008 Quality certificates, whose management systems ensure the traceability and control of the processes carried out in our company.



Support throughout the process: before, during and after.

Laboratorios Prady supports the customer throughout the product creation, development and marketing processes.

From the formulation with the analysis of products and tests, to the request for the necessary certifications to sale.

It is vitally important to us that the client feels that we keep our commitment to them even after the product leaves our facilities.

During the entire creation and afterwards, Laboratorios Prady ensures confidentiality.

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